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Gulf Breeze Filter is locally owned and has operated in Florida since 1990. We started in Venice, FL and have recently relocated to Bradenton. Our goal has always been to provide quality products, prompt local delivery and nationwide shipments, all combined with excellent customer service at every level. We are available to assist you today with all your filtration needs.

Please Call: 941-488-7070 or Toll Free: 800-780-2188
or email us today: sales@GulfBreezeFilter.com.

Our office hours are 7:00am-5:00pm., Monday thru Thursday.

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5326 Lena Road
  Bradenton, FL 34211

(941) 488-7070

Fax: (941) 486-1002


 Manufacturers of:

 • Aluminum Pad Holding Frames

 • Permanent Electrostatic Filters

 • Aluminum Fresh Air Intake Filters

 • Custom Size MERV 8 Pleats

 Distributors of:

 • Polyester Rolls & Pre-cut Pads

 • Pleated Filters
   (all MERV Ratings)

 • Disposable Filters

 • Box Filters
   (all MERV Ratings)

 • HEPA Filters

 • Paint Booth Filters

 • Bag Filters

Office Hours:

  7:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
  Monday - Thursday

  (941) 488-7070

Toll Free:


  (941) 486-1002


  5326 Lena Road
  Bradenton, FL 34211


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